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Apple's 10th-generation iPad is as fragile as ever. A solid case will protect your iPad from shattering when you drop it or scratching up when you put it in a bag. Cases can double up as convenient stands, too.

UPDATE: 10/02/2023

We've reviewed our recommendations and updated our recommendation for the iPad (10th Gen) case for kids you can buy.

What to Look for in an iPad Case in 2023

iPad cases are very useful. They not only protect your tablet from everyday mishaps, but they can also make it easier to grip the tablet or store the Apple Pencil. But not all iPad cases are equally good at everything. As a result, finding a suitable case for your lifestyle and usage can take time and effort. However, if you keep a few crucial details in mind, you will find the right case in no time.

One of the most important things you need to decide is the level of protection. While we wish every single iPad case could offer top-notch protection, the more protection a case provides, the bulkier it is. So, finding the right balance between protection and bulk is a good idea.

There is also a case to be made for picking up multiple covers to suit different usage conditions. For example, you can have a thin and lightweight case for the home or office and a rugged case for outdoor activities.

In other features, if you like using the Apple Pencil and want to have it with you at all times, iPad cases that come with a built-in slot for the stylus are helpful. It's easier to lose your Apple Pencil if it doesn't have a dedicated storage place, and it's an expensive iPad accessory, so it's best to keep it safe.

Price and design also play a significant role in any case purchase. While you don't necessarily need to sacrifice protection because of your budget, premium cases tend to use high-quality and better materials that last longer. Also, you will want the case to match your design and lifestyle sensibilities—otherwise, it will end up in a drawer somewhere.

The cases below only fit the 10th-generation iPad. They will not fit the other iPad models, including the 9th-generation iPad or the iPad Air. Need a case for another iPad model? We have all of our case roundups in one place.

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Best iPad Case Overall: Spigen Liquid Air Folio

Spigen Liguid Air Folio on purple background



Slim and lightweight design

Single color option

Smoked transparent back looks great

The front cover doesn't stick to the back while using the iPad

The front cover doubles as a stand

No Apple Pencil storage

The Apple Smart Folio is the default choice for a lot of iPad buyers. Sure, it's well-made, easy to apply, and comes in many colors. But it's also not the most protective case. This is why we recommend going for the Spigen Liquid Air Folio instead. It's a fantastic iPad case that doesn't add too much bulk but can still safeguard the tablet from scratches, bumps, and other bruises.

Like the Apple Smart Folio, the Liquid Air Folio includes a front cover that can easily fold into different positions to double as a stand for your iPad. Its magnetic closure mechanism also offers smart wake and sleep functionality to conserve power and deliver a better user experience.

Spigen has used flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to construct the back cover, which makes the installation easy, and the TPU can absorb the shock of an impact. There is also polyurethane and vegan leather on the front cover to ensure the screen remains guarded against any scratches. The back of the case also has a nice, smoked transparent look that offers a peek at the iPad design and colorway.

Unfortunately, it's not all perfect For example, the Spigen Liquid Air Folio is only available in a single color option, and the front cover doesn't stick to the back of the iPad, so you'll have to hold it with your finger while using the slate.

spigen liquid air folio for ipad 10th gen
Spigen Liquid Air Folio
Best Overall iPad Case

The Spigen Liquid Air Folio can take on the daily hazards without adding too much bulk to your iPad.

Best Budget iPad Case: ESR Ascend Trifold Case

ESR Ascend Trifold cases laid out




No slot for the Apple Pencil

Multiple color options

The front flap doesn't stick to the back

Magnetic flap doubles as a stand

ESR's Ascend Trifold Case looks a lot like the Spigen Liquid Air Folio, but it costs less and comes in various colorways (as opposed to Spigen's singular color). So if you want something affordable and functional, it's hard to go wrong with this case. It will protect your new iPad from drops, bumps, and scrapes.

As the name suggests, the magnetic flap of the Ascend Trifold case can fold into a stand. As a result, you get two stand modes: one for media consumption and the other for writing. Plus, when you close the flap, your iPad will automatically go into sleep mode, like the official Apple folio cases and other premium options. Similarly, the iPad wakes up when you open the flap.

The case looks great and has a matte finish on the back to deter fingerprints. Additionally, its translucent back will help you show off the design and color of your iPad.

You can grab the ESR Ascend Trifold Case in Forest Green, Navy Blue, Rose Gold, Black, and Grey.

esr trifolio case
ESR Ascend Trifold Case
Best Budget iPad Case

If you want a simple, cheap, and functional case, the ESR Ascend Trifold won't disappoint you. It also comes in five exciting colors.

Best Premium iPad Case: Torro Leather Case

TORRO iPad case corner closeup



Genuine cow-hide leather

No space for holding an Apple Pencil

Four color options

Can function as a stand

The 10th-gen iPad may not be the most expensive tablet in Apple's lineup, but that shouldn't stop you from splurging a little on your case purchase. The Torro Leather Case uses high-quality top-grain cow-hide leather from US tanneries for a premium look. And like other genuine leather products, it'll develop a natural patina to appear even more beautiful over time.

The TPU frame snugly fits the tablet and protects it from everyday accidents. Plus, the company has opted for a folio-style design, so you get a front flap that keeps the iPad screen safe from mishaps, and its microfiber lining keeps debris from scratches and scuffs.

Unlike our other recommendations with a cover, the Torro case uses an elasticated strap to keep the flap closed. While it's not as seamless as a magnetic closure mechanism, it has a traditional charm. A strap is typically better at keeping the flap closed when you accidentally drop the iPad than magnets.

Among other highlights, the flap has support strips to help the iPad stand for a hands-free experience. Moreover, you can pick between two horizontal viewing positions per your need. Lastly, you can buy the Torro Leather Case in six colors—black, dark brown, dark green, navy blue, red, and tan.

torro leather ipad case
Torro Leather Case
Best Premium iPad Case

If you're looking for the best mix of a premium design, high-quality construction, and excellent protection, the Torro Leather Case is hard to beat.

Best iPad Keyboard Case: Logitech Slim Folio

Logitch slim folio on grey background



Full-size keyboard

No built-in trackpad

Protects from scratches and bumps

Keys aren't backlit

Long battery life

Keyboard isn't detachable

The iPad is a powerful device that can be a decent laptop replacement when you don't have access to one. All you need is a physical keyboard. While you can pair most wired and wireless keyboards with the tablet, a case with a built-in keyboard keeps things simple and is much better for portability.

Logitech makes several fantastic computing accessories, including keyboards, and its Slim Folio for the 10th-gen iPad is no exception. It's an excellent case that packs an equally excellent keyboard. You get a full-size keyboard with a scissor-switch mechanism and a row of iPadOS shortcut keys. It's pleasant to type on with around one mm of key travel, so it feels like you're hitting actual keys.

Another positive of the Logitech Keyboard case is its battery life. It can last up to three years on two coin-cell batteries. So you won't have to worry about charging the keyboard.

In terms of protection, the plastic frame wraps around the iPad and keeps it safe from scratches and bumps. There is also a loop to house the Apple Pencil.

Unfortunately, unlike some other keyboard cases on the market, the Slim Folio lacks the ability to separate the case and the keyboard. There is also no built-in trackpad. So if these two features are deal-breakers for you, you should go for Apple's Magic Keyboard Folio. Although it's not as protective as the Slim Folio, it has an excellent trackpad and a detachable keyboard.

logitech slim folio case
Logitech Slim Folio
Best iPad Keyboard Case
$89 $100 Save $11

A great keyboard, long battery life, and decent protection make the Logitech Slim Folio a solid pick for an iPad keyboard case.

Best Rugged iPad Case: OtterBox Defender Series Pro

Otterbox defender case on pink background



Military-grade drop protection


Bundled screen protection and stand


Slot for Apple Pencil

The OtterBox Defender Series Pro case doesn't mess around regarding protection. It's a high-quality, rugged case that will withstand everything life throws at it. The case also meets the military-grade drop test standards and can survive twice as many drops as the standard.

It features a dual-layer design, which includes a polycarbonate frame and a TPU exterior. There are also raised edges to protect the display and the rear camera from scratches and a port cover for the USB-C to keep dirt and dust at bay.

In other features, you get a bundled stand that supports two viewing angles, and it can also double as a cover for the screen when you aren't using the iPad. Moreover, the stand features a slot to house the Apple Pencil.

Unfortunately, all this protection comes at the cost of the added bulk. The Defender Series Pro case weighs almost as much as the iPad if you include the bundled stand. You'll also need to pay a premium to get it.

The OtterBox Defender Series Pro is available in black or Baja Beach (blue) colors.

otterbox defender pro
OtterBox Defender Series Pro
Best Rugged iPad Case
$58 $90 Save $32

Need maximum protection for your iPad? Look no further than the OtterBox Defender Series Pro case. It has everything you want in a rugged case.

Best iPad Case with Apple Pencil Holder: UAG Metropolis SE Series

UAG Metropolis case on orange background



Meets military-grade drop test standards


The Folio cover doubles as a stand


UAG is no stranger to high-quality cases, and the company's Metropolis SE Series for the iPad is a great example. If you frequently use the Apple Pencil, it's definitely the case to put on your shortlist. It not only delivers rugged protection to your iPad but also includes a nifty little slot to hold the Apple Pencil securely.

It's a folio-style case, like many of our recommendations, so there is a front cover to safeguard the display from scratches and drops. UAG says it can withstand 26 drops from as high as four feet and is tested to meet military standards.

Other features include a tactile grip that makes it easier to hold and operate the 10.9-inch iPad. You will also be happy to know that the folio cover does the double duty of a stand and supports the auto-wake and sleep functions.

Plus, the company highlights that the case doesn't get damaged by medical-grade cleaning wipes or disinfectants. So if you're disinfecting your devices regularly, you can rest assured that your iPad case won't disintegrate because of the disinfection spray.

UAG Metropolis SE
UAG Metropolis SE Series
Best iPad Case with Apple Pencil Holder
$65 $70 Save $5

You can keep your iPad and Apple Pencil safe with the UAG Metropolis SE Series case. It offers 360-degree protection, a built-in kickstand, and auto wake/sleep support.

Best iPad Case for Kids: SEYMAC iPad 10th Gen Case

SEYMAC ipad 10th gen case



Full device protection

Not the prettiest iPad case

Includes a screen protector

Apple Pencil slot

Wrist strap and adjustable kickstand

There are many variables to consider when choosing a case for the iPad your children will use. Does it need to be easy to carry, guard against drops, protect the screen, or stand securely in landscape or portrait mode? Depending on the age of your child, it's quite likely that all of these requirements will need to be met. If so, the SEYMAC iPad 10th Gen Case has you covered.

The SEYMAC case offers full-body protection for the iPad, completely encasing it in hard TPU plastic and edged by silicone bumpers. It might look a bit bulky, but along with adding shock protection, those raised edges help make it easier for little hands to hold securely. Completing the defenses is a clip-on screen protector, which should also shield the screen from the almost inevitable accidents with food and liquids.

On the back is an adjustable kickstand and hand strap, housed on a disc that can be rotated for landscape to portrait mode or provide a more comfortable grip. There's also a simple but effective loop to hold an Apple Pencil within easy reach and a couple of anchor points for the removable neck/shoulder strap.

As you might expect, there are several color options available to choose from. These include kid-friendly greens, pinks, and even rainbow hues. If these are a bit much, don't worry, there's also a plain black version.

It might not be the most attractive iPad 10th Gen case in the world, but child-proof protection is hard to make pretty. And despite its look, the SEYMAC iPad 10th Gen Case is one of the most cost-effective options for keeping your expensive Apple tablet safe from damage.

SEYMAC ipad 10th generation case
SEYMAC Case for iPad 10th Gen
Best iPad Case for Kids

The SEYMAC iPad 10th gen case offers impressive protection for the Apple tablet without breaking the bank. It might not be the best-looking iPad case ever made, but features like silicone bumpers, wrist and shoulder straps, and an adjustable kickstand make this great value for money.


How should I clean my iPad case?

Smartphone and tablet cases can get dirty over time. So it's a good idea to clean them every once in a while. Remove your iPad from the case or cover before cleaning, and use a soft, damp, lint-free cloth to wipe it thoroughly. If it's too dirty, you can use mild hand soap with warm water to remove the stains or marks, but ensure that the soap won't harm the case material by testing it out in a small, hidden part of the case.

Do speakers lose volume when using an iPad case?

All good cases, including our recommendations, come with proper cutouts for speakers. As a result, iPad speakers don't lose volume when you are using a case. But if a case or cover doesn't have cutouts for the speaker, it'll certainly impact the sound quality and volume.

What's the difference between an iPad case and an iPad cover?

Although the terms iPad case and iPad cover are often used interchangeably, the two are slightly different. An iPad case refers to a protective accessory that wraps around the back and sides of the tablet, whereas an iPad cover also includes some screen protection, typically in the form of a flap.

Can an iPad case cause overheating?

A case can cause the iPad to overheat, but it's rare and mostly happens with rubber or latex cases that don't have any ventilation for the device to cool down. However, all reputed case manufacturers ensure that their cases won't make your iPad overheat and include the necessary ventilation.

Are all iPad cases shockproof?

All iPad cases are not shockproof. For example, if you're buying a thin, lightweight case, particularly one built without shock-absorbing material, such as TPU. In that case, there is a great possibility that your case isn't shockproof. On the other hand, most regular and rugged cases from reputed manufacturers have some shock absorption mechanism to ensure that the impact of a drop or bump isn't transferred to your iPad.

Is an iPad case with a screen protector worth it?

Screen protectors help keep the iPad display safe from scratches and scrapes. So an iPad case with a bundled or built-in screen protector can be a good idea. But it'll depend on the quality of the case and the screen protector. And you don't necessarily need to buy both things together. Instead, you can purchase a case of your choice and pick a screen protector separately. You will just need to ensure that the screen protector is case-friendly.