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Anthony Heddings is a tech writer and freelance React developer. He enjoys spending most of his time debugging JavaScript and yelling at his terminal.

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The Bash shell on Ubuntu.  1
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Keep Your Git Repository History Clean By Squashing Commits

Tired of messy commit histories cluttering up your Git repositories and pull requests? Luckily, Git has the ability to "squash commits," which merges multiple small commits into one.

How to Turn a Turn a Directory in a Git Repository Into a Submodule

Git submodules are like repositories within repositories, which allow you to include external code libraries or dependencies in your project, all without linking the module's version control to the project itself.

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How to Automatically Publish GitHub Releases From Git Tags

GitHub Releases provide an easy to access method for end users to download versioned software binaries.

What Are Git Submodules, and How Do You Use Them?

Git submodules are a way of including one Git repository as a subdirectory of another repository.

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How to Create and Manage GitHub Templates to Easily Create New Projects

Often times, when you're creating a new project, you're not doing so from scratch.

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What are Release Tags in Git, and How Do You Use Them?

Keeping track of software releases is a complicated task, and Git helps manage it.

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How to Use Git Shallow Clone for Faster Repository Cloning

Large Git repositories can use a lot of resources and slow down your computer.

How To Fast-Forward & Update a Git Branch

When working with Git branches, it's often necessary to keep different branches such as "develop," "release," or "staging" branches.

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How To Upload To Amazon S3 From GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions is a powerful CI/CD tool for running automated builds from your GitHub repository.

How to Remove Old Git History Before a Commit

When working with Git version control, it's often necessary to modify the commit history manually, even though it is intended to be immutable.

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How to Trigger GitHub Actions Remotely Using Webhooks

GitHub Actions is a CI/CD service that can run builds and tests on your project's codebase.

How to Protect Sensitive Secrets and Credentials in Your Git Repository

Hackers gaining access to your application's code can be devastating for proprietary software, but storing credentials in Git can give them elevated database access.

How To Reverse a Git Merge

Accidentally doing the wrong thing is very common when working with Git, but luckily, it's built to keep track of your repository's version history.

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How to Set Up and Maintain GitHub Branch Protection Rules

Branch protection is an important part of making sure accidents and mistakes don't happen in your GitHub repository.

How to Optimize AWS Lambda Functions with Provisioned Concurrency & Auto Scaling

AWS Lambda functions are a serverless solution for running code in the cloud without setting up your own servers.

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Should You Use GitHub Actions, or a Self-Hosted Build Server?

GitHub Actions is a CI/CD platform that enables developers to automatically build, test, and deploy applications all on GitHub, without using any external tools.

Should You Use Provisioned Concurrency for AWS Lambda Functions?

Lambda functions are a crucial part of any serverless deployment on Amazon Web Services.

The Best Services to Host a Free Website

While most services will want to charge you a few bucks a month to run a server that hosts your website, nowadays there are plenty of online places to host your content entirely for free.

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How to Secure Your Git Repository with Signed Commits and Tags

Git repositories store valuable source code and are used to build applications that work with sensitive data.

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