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A linux terminal. 1
How to Copy Files and Directories in the Linux Terminal

New to Linux? Here's how to copy files and directories in a jiffy using the terminal!

Downloading a file with WGET on Ubuntu.  1
How to Install a DEB File in Linux

Not to be confused with an EXE file.

A Steam Library window.  1
How to Download and Install Steam on Linux

Want to try out games on Linux? Start off by Installing Steam.

A computer monitor display the Ubuntu 22.04 desktop. 1
Ubuntu vs. Manjaro Linux: Which One Should You Choose?

Can't decide between Ubuntu and Manjaro? We've got you covered!

What is GNOME in Linux 1
What Is GNOME in Linux?

Here's everything you need to know about GNOME and its role in the Linux desktop.

flash drive laying on top of a laptop computer's keyboard 1
How to Boot Multiple Linux Distributions With Ventoy

Flashing ISOs taking too much time? Ventoy can help!

Linux laptop showing a bash prompt 1
10 Fun Games to Play in the Linux Terminal

Tired of AAA games? Try these games in your Linux terminal.

How to install Linux on VirtualBox 1
How to Install Linux in VirtualBox

Want to try out Linux but don't want to commit to a full install? Use VirtualBox.

Fedora icon with the default fedora desktop background 1
What Is Fedora Linux?

Trying out Linux for the first time? You might want to learn about Fedora.

How to Install RPM Files In Fedora 1
How to Install an RPM File in Linux

New to Fedora? Here's how to install apps using RPM files.

what is ubuntu 1
What Is Ubuntu?

Meet Ubuntu. A Linux distro that powers most PCs and other popular Linux distros in the world.

how to share games on steam 1
How to Share Games on Steam

Here's how to share your Steam library with your friends.

how to update fedora 1
How to Update Fedora Linux

Here's how to update it via GUI and Terminal.

what is pop!_os 1
What Is Pop!_OS?

Thinking of stepping into the Linux world? Check out Pop!_OS.

What Is Proton for Steam, and How Does It Affect Gaming on Linux?

Linux gaming is getting better thanks to Proton.