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Tim Brookes is a freelance writer based in Brisbane, Australia. He can usually found exercising, playing video games, and annoying his two cats Inka and Roger.

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Some ports on the back of a router.  1
How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Your Router

Adding more Ethernet ports is easy, but you should keep a few things in mind when doing so.

The Kensington QuietType Pro Silent Wireless Mechanical Keyboard with the wrist rest and a How To Geek notebook. 1
6 Best Grammarly Alternatives to Check Grammar and Readability

Writing is not that easy, but these Grammarly alternatives can help.

Black iPhone 8s plus on three hundred dollar bills. 1
Pull That Old iPhone Out of the Drawer and Trade It for Some AirPods

Convert unused devices into wireless earphones and more.

Person wearing a pair of Beats Studio Pro while watching videos on an iPhone 1
How (and Why) to Limit Social Media and App Time on Your iPhone

Do you know how long you spend scrolling every day?

Person typing on the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro with rainbow backlighting. 1
How-To Geek's Markdown Cheat Sheet

Why bother with HTML when you can write in Markdown instead?

A camera and an iPhone.  1
What Is the AVIF Image Format?

AVIF saves bandwidth, supports HDR, and is probably already supported in your browser of choice.

A person sitting at a desk writing for How To Geek with a laptop and an external monitor. 1
Why You Should Be Writing Everything in Markdown

Markdown is an easy-to-learn language that's readable, versatile, and works (almost) anywhere.

The Amazon Fire Max 11 Stylus pen 1
The Best Apple Pencil Alternatives of 2023

Don't fancy spending over $100 on an Apple stylus? Here are our top alternatives.

Add sticker on iPhone 1
You Should Be Using Stickers on Your iPhone

Stickers are finally worth your time in iOS 17.

An example of a 3D modeled house with an exposed wire frame. 1
The Best Free 3D Modeling Software

Create art, video game assets, or items to 3D print with these free apps.

An iPhone 15 Pro Max with the iOS Shortcuts app open. 1
What are iPhone Shortcuts and How Do I Use Them?

Shortcuts are the most powerful iPhone feature you're not using.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 laying on top of running shoes 1
The Best Apple Watch Ultra Bands of 2023

There aren't a ton of Apple Watch Ultra-specific bands available yet, but the good news is that 45mm Apple Watch Series bands are also compatible.

NZXT Relay Speaker hooked up to a desktop PC. 1
The Best Free DAWs and Music Making Software

You don't need to spend big on software to get started making music.

A person holding an iPhone 15 Pro, playing video games 1
Should You Buy an iPhone 15 Pro for Gaming?

Should you buy Apple's most gaming-focused iPhone yet?

Apple Arcade running on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. 1
Is Apple Arcade Worth It? 5 Reasons to Give it Another Shot

Now's a great time to jump back into Apple Arcade if your subscription has lapsed.

A laptop with Google open.  1
How to Use Adobe Flash (Even Though It's Dead)

What about all of the great games?

Person holding the Green iPhone 15 with the welcome screen 1
The Best iPhones of 2023

Thinking about buying an iPhone but put off by all the choices? Here are our top picks for your next Apple smartphone.

iPhone with the health app visible.  1
How to Set an Emergency Contact on iPhone (and Why)

Better to have it set up and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Laptop running Windows 11 1
How to Set Up Windows 11 Without a Microsoft Account

Did anyone ask for compulsory Microsoft logins?

Team building Minesweeper board game 1
How to Play Minesweeper

Your boss hates this one weird trick (for wasting your entire afternoon).

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