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General settings page open on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max 1
5 iCloud Privacy Features Everyone Should Know About

Keep your private information clouded.

Using a MacBook with an external monitor. 1
Why Your Mac Shows the Wrong Resolution on a 4K Monitor

If you're lucky, you're just looking at the wrong menu.

The flash on an iPhone 15.  1
How to Turn Off Flash Notifications on iPhone

Prevent that flash from blinking when you don't want it to.

Apple iPhone 15 camera 1
You Should Change This Camera Setting on Your iPhone 15

The "Record Stereo Sound" feature is not good.

Keychron Q6 Pro with Mac Keys 1
Are Hackintoshes Still Worth it in 2023? 3 Pros and 3 Cons

Things aren't too "apples and oranges" in the macOS world... Yet

An iPhone 14 Pro and a Google Pixel 7 laid next to each other 1
Google Is Offering Serious Cash to Lure iPhone Users to the Pixel 8

You can get more for a 5-year-old iPhone than last year's Pixel.

An Apple Watch Series 9 on a table top. In silver with a blue band 1
Apple Watch Series 9 Review: Steady as It Goes

It's the best Apple Watch for most people. However, the Apple Watch Series 9 doesn't have enough changes that justify it being purchased by everyone.

NZXT Relay Speaker hooked up to a desktop PC. 1
The Best Free DAWs and Music Making Software

You don't need to spend big on software to get started making music.

Rear of the Apple iPhone 15 1
Apple iPhone 15 Review: Fitting In

The iPhone experience you expect, now with USB Type-C.

A MacBook Air.  1
How to "Cut and Paste" Files on Mac

Cut without scissors? Paste without glue? It's sorcery!

A hand holding the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, showing the back glass 1
Does the iPhone 15 Pro Have an Overheating Problem?

Some users report poor thermal performance and overheating from their fancy new iPhone.

The locked touch screen of an iPhone 14 1
How to Automatically Delete 2FA Messages on Your iPhone and iPad

This handy feature arrived in the iOS 17 update.

The back of a natural color Apple iPhone 15 Pro 1
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Review: Titanium and USB-C Steal the Show

The iPhone 15 Pro might not have gotten the flashiest updates, but its improvements make it the nicest iPhone Pro, possibly ever.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max torn down. 1
The iPhone 15 Pro Max Fails to Impress in This iFixit Teardown

A better design for repairs, yet still so wasteful.

Showing a Apple Watch Ultra 2 on a wrist 1
Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review: The Second Ultra Makes Ripples Not Waves

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is big, rugged, and will be great for new owners. It’s just not worth upgrading from last year’s Ultra.

MagSafe on an iPhone. 1
What Is MagSafe for iPhone, and What Can It Do?

Faster, more reliable charging, and more accessories than you can shake a stick at. What isn't to love about MagSafe?

iPhone 14 volume control buttons on the side of the phone. 1
How to Add an Action Button to iPhones

Bring the iPhone 15 Pro's Action Button to your iPhone.

A HomePod showing Siri activated on the top screen. 1
Apple's HomePod Now Plays Spotify from Voice Commands

It isn't a native implementation of Spotify, but it works.

iPhone iMessage notifcation. 1
The Fastest Way to Share Photos in iMessage

A shortcut for iOS 17's new Messages layout.

iPhone Repairs Are Still Too Difficult, Says iFixit

iFixit is dropping its repairability score for the iPhone 14.

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