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Zunaid Ali first became interested in Technology after using a computer for the first time in 2006. He's been producing How-To content since 2018, reaching thousands of people in the process.

Since he was a kid, Zunaid used to read Tech tutorials and troubleshooting guides on popular blogs. That made him want to start his own writing career. After the coronavirus pandemic, he finally decided to jump into the Tech journalism world. Before joining How-To Geek, he has written for HecticGeek, Distroid, and UbuntuPIT, among others.

Zunaid first tried Linux when he wanted to learn Web Development in 2021. Due to his inexperience, he messed up his laptop trying to dual-boot Ubuntu with Windows. Frustrated, he went all-in with Linux and removed Windows completely. And that's when he fell in love with it. He's been actively learning Linux since then. After finding his first writing gig on Linux, he decided to specialize in it, so he could share his knowledge and insights with fellow open-source enthusiasts.

Zunaid is currently pursuing his Bachelor's degree in Information & Communication Technology. When he's not writing, he's reading Tech blogs, coding fun projects, or learning about new technologies. Other than Linux, he also has an interest in Android Development and Cybersecurity. He has experience in C/C++, Java, HTML/CSS/Javascript, and Python.

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