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Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced a pair of new 5G plans with extra hotspot data and the ability to trade in phones from other carriers for a limited time. And while those were great, the latest T-Mobile Go5G Next plan is even better, with the promise of guaranteed yearly phone upgrades for new and existing customers, fast 5G speeds, and other perks.

The new Go5G Next plan comes in at $100 per line and has almost all the same benefits as earlier options. However, it is more expensive than the previous Go5G Plus option for several reasons. You'll get the usual unlimited calls, texts, and data, along with Netflix and Apple TV Plus, not to mention 50GB of mobile hotspot data. Those on a family plan get Netflix Standard.

Where it differs from nearly every other plan in mobile these days is the upgrade system. Instead of getting a new phone every three years, like most carriers, or even bi-annually, like the Go5G Plus plan, the latest Go5G Next promises a new phone every year. That means you can easily upgrade to the latest iPhone, Galaxy, or Pixel with ease, but there is a small catch.

You'll need to pay off 50% of your current phone before you're eligible for an upgrade. However, these days most customers opt for a 24-month equipment installment plan, which hits that threshold after the first year. And if you pay a little more and meet the requirement early, you can upgrade in as little as six months. Thankfully, T-Mobile will pay off the remaining balance, and you'll get a shiny new phone.

T-Mobile said in a press release, "Enter Go5G Next—the only plan in wireless where customers are upgrade-ready every year with the promise existing customers will always get the same deals as new customers. And this isn't a limited-time thing. New and existing customers get the same great deals now, and always in the future, and are upgrade-ready every year."

According to the company, this deal isn't only available to new customers. Anyone and everyone on T-Mobile can switch the Go5G Next and be eligible for new phones yearly. Either way, this sounds like an excellent option for those who love getting the latest and greatest gadgets.

Source: T-Mobile