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T-Mobile completed its acquisition of Sprint in 2020, and one of the conditions of the deal was that it had to give Dish Network some wireless spectrum and roaming agreements, so that Dish could have its own wireless network. Dish has been slowly building up its infrastructure since then, and now it has struck a deal with Amazon to sell its unlimited wireless plan through the biggest online store in the world.

Dish and Amazon have teamed up to sell Dish's (somewhat) new postpaid phone service, Boost Infinite, through a dedicated store page on Amazon's website. Boost Infinite normally offers unlimited talk, text and data for $25 per month — though your speeds may slow down after you surpass 30GB of usage in a single month. Purchasing the plan through Amazon's store gets you the SIM kit for $20 instead of $25, and there's a $25 bill credit included when you activate your phone within 30 days. After that, the monthly price of $25/mo is the same. You can also add up to 5 lines per account, and Dish says the service is "compatible with most unlocked iPhones and Android smartphones."

Dish said in its announcement, "Boost Infinite makes it easy for Prime members to bring their compatible phones, keep their current phone numbers (or get new ones), enable the SIMs, activate via the Boost Infinite app, and get up and running with no hidden fees or minimum line requirements."

Boost Infinite is being built around Dish's own cellular network, which it has been attempting to expand quickly enough to meet federal requirements. However, Dish doesn't have towers covering every corner of the United States, so it also has roaming agreements with other major networks. In areas without sufficient coverage from Dish itself, subscribers will switch between AT&T and T-Mobile towers as needed.

A 5G phone plan for $25/mo for a single person in the US isn't bad at all, though there's no multi-line discount, like some other post-paid plans — other carriers might be a better value if you have four or five people. Boost also allows you to add hotspot tethering for an additional $10 per month, which gives you 30GB of hotspot data per billing cycle. There's a detailed FAQ on the Boost Infinite website with more details.

You can sign up for Boost Infinite through Amazon, or sign up on Dish's own site.

Source: Dish