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Available today, the new Hisense C1 Laser Mini Projector offers 4K Dolby Vision video with a maximum screen size of 300 inches. It's the only Hisense projector to support 300-inch screens, and while the $2,300 price tag is a bit eye-searing, customers may be swayed by the C1's cutting-edge features and relatively compact build. Oddly, retailers currently list the Hisense C1 at $1,998.

The Hisense C1 uses a TriChroma triple laser system to achieve 110% BT.2020 color coverage and a 1,600 ANSI lumen output. These specs ensure a bright and vibrant picture, even in unfavorable conditions with ambient lightning. Hisense also packed the C1 with plenty of automatic setup features, including auto keystone and autofocus—great for temporary installations, portable applications, or anyone who decides to place the C1 on a coffee table.

Internally, the Hisense C1 runs VIDAA smart TV software and can run most streaming apps natively. It also supports Dolby Atmos audio, so it will pair nicely with an external sound system. That said, the C1's built-in 20-watt JBL speakers should be loud enough to get the job done, especially when external speakers aren't an option (at a film class or an outdoor movie night, for example).

Just know that the "Mini Projector" name is kind of inaccurate. This projector weighs 10 pounds, it measures 9.7 inches wide, and it's 8.5 inches tall. Really, the Hisense C1 is an average size and weight for a tabletop-style 4K laser projector, and it's somewhat bulky when compared to a consumer-grade bulb projector. Based on my experience with the XGIMI Horizon Ultra, I'm willing to assume that the Hisense C1 strikes a good balance between portability and functionality. Its image quality, 20-watt built-in speakers, and auto-setup tools probably justify a slightly bulky build.

There's just one problem that immediately sticks out to me—the Hisense C1 only offers digital zoom. Without optical zoom, you must set this projector at the perfect distance from your screen. Using the digital zoom function to "fix" an incorrect throw distance will reduce the image quality. The lack of optical zoom seems like a major oversight in a projector at this price, especially one that's built to accommodate portable use.

You can buy the Hisense C1 Laser Mini Projector at Amazon, Best Buy, or These retailers list the Hisense C1 at $1,998—far less than the $2,300 MSRP. We've reached out to Hisense to clarify the pricing situation.