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Netflix open on a laptop.  1
How to Stream Netflix on Discord

Watch your favorite shows with all your friends!

HD Quality option on WhatsApp on a phone's screen alongside the app logo 1
4 Easy Ways to Share High-Quality Photos on WhatsApp

Here are four ways to bypass WhatsApp's compression algorithm and send images in HD quality.

The Windows 11 Start Menu with a few apps that use XML based files, like Word and Excel. 1
What Is An XML File (And How Do I Open One)?

HTML's more exciting cousin.

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Microsoft Paint logo 1
Microsoft Paint Is Adding Automatic Background Removal

Paint is getting the glow-up it deserves.

Reddit app in an app folder 1
How to Get Sound on Reddit

Get your videos talking with this simple tip.

Discord app in an app folder 1
Does Discord Notify When You Kick Someone?

Read this if you're considering removing someone from your Discord server.

A close up of the Google Chrome app icon on a MacBook Pro. 1
Tabs in Chrome: 10 Power User Tips and Tricks

There are lots of cool tricks you can use when handling your tabs in Chrome.

Spotify logo 1
Spotify Might Make Lyrics a Premium-Only Feature

As always, free users get the short end of the stick.

Duolingo Generic Hero 1
Duolingo Wants to Give You Music Lessons, Too

Learn German and also how to play some sick beats.

Google Play Store 1
How to Share TikTok Videos to Your Facebook Timeline

You can share the video link as well as the video itself.

Discord Lofi Girl Community on a computer monitor. 1
5 Best Discord Alternatives

Discord isn't the only chat app game in town.

Two drives sitting on a table.  1
Screenshot of an article opened in Immersive Reader Mode on Edge 1
Struggle With Large Blocks of Text? Check Out Edge’s Immersive Reader Mode

It'll make tackling large text blocks easier and rejuvenate your love for reading.

Google Maps 1
WhatsApp on an iPhone.  1
How to Use WhatsApp on Your Computer (and Web)

WhatsApp on the PC is just so convenient.

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TikTok start up screen on an iPhone. 1
How to Remove Your Profile Picture From TikTok

Go back to how it was.

Reddit app in an app folder. 1
How to Quote in Reddit (On Desktop and Mobile)

Avoid confusion as to what you're replying to.

TikTok start up screen on an iPhone. 1
Why Does TikTok Say "This Post Is Age-Protected"? (And How to Get Around It)

There are ways to get around this message.

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