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Even the best office chairs can’t completely remediate the negative impact sitting for prolonged periods has on your body. If you telecommute and worry about your circulatory or mental health, you should focus less on finding the perfect chair and more on these best standing desks.

What to Look for in a Standing Desk in 2023

Sitting for an entire eight-hour shift can significantly impact the mental and physical health of office workers. According to the Mayo Clinic, research has linked prolonged sitting with obesity and associated health concerns like high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and an increased risk of cancer or heart-related diseases.

Thankfully, there’s a solution in consumer-friendly adjustable standing desks. As the name implies, a standing desk allows you to stand and work to relieve some of the stresses of sitting and improve how you feel throughout the day.

When shopping for a standing desk, there are a few things to think about. Like any office desk, the biggest deciding factor will be size. Standing desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from more compact options to sprawling L-shaped surface areas. Measure the space you have and consider what you need to use the desk for. If it’s just going to be a simple workstation for your laptop, you can probably get away with a smaller desk or even a standing desk converter, which sits atop an existing desk and has its own adjustable workspace.

Desktop size isn’t the only measurement to think about for your new standing desk. While most standing desks should achieve a suitable height for the average user, if you’re taller or shorter than the average adult, be sure your new desk accommodates your needs. A good rule of thumb to follow is that you should be able to use your keyboard or mouse comfortably with your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Once you’ve settled on a comfortable height, there are just a few more aspects of your new standing desk. Some options let you choose the material of your desktop or whether you want to have under-mounted drawers or monitor stands installed. Think about your office space and how different accessories may enhance your productivity or maximize your space.

With all of this in mind, it’s time to go shopping, and we’ve made things a little easier with a roundup of some of the best standing desks on the market.

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Best Standing Desk Overall - FlexiSpot Comhar Pro Standing Desk (Q8)

FlexiSpot Comhar Pro Standing Desk (Q8) decorated with plants near wicker baskets



USB-C and USB-A ports integrated into the panel

The motor is on the louder side

Built-in drawer adds needed storage

Wireless charging isn't efficient

Durable and sturdy at all heights

Anti-collision isn't always responsive

The best standing desk is one that comes with everything you could possibly need. While FlexiSpot has a wonderful suite of desks, the Q8 is by far its best model. Its 24 to 49.2-inch adjustable range is ideal for most users, and the relatively quiet motor and slim steel frame are enough to manage a suitable load capacity of 200lbs.

You have your choice of either a 55-inch bamboo or 48-inch wood desktop, though the bamboo features a built-in wireless charger and a more premium look.

Unlike many standing desks, the Q8 comes with a sturdy and sizable built-in drawer that takes up much of the forward-facing frame. You’ll have easy access to the built-in control panel, too, which features four customizable presets, a USB-A port, and a USB-C port.

The Q8 is an all-around fantastic option with a lot to offer, though it does come at a premium price.

FlexiSpot Comhar Standing Desk (Q8) with drawer open and full
FlexiSpot Comhar Pro Standing Desk (Q8)
Best Standing Desk Overall

The FlexiSpot Comhar Pro Standing Desk (Q8) is a mix of perfect form and a classic style, delivering a high-quality build and sturdy construction even at its maximum height. The desk also comes with a built-in drawer and integrated panel.

Best Budget Standing Desk - VIVO L-shaped Standing Desk

VIVO L-Shaped Standing Desk with computers and accessories on top



Can be installed for left or right-handed users

Minor wobbling at the tallest height

L-shape adds extra workspace

L-shape could stand to be longer

Relatively quiet and fast motor

Pilot holes not pre-drilled

When you have a unique space shape or enjoy a desk with a curved design, VIVO’s L-shaped Standing Desk allows you to make the switch to adjustable desks quite seamlessly. And it does so in a very comfortable price range.

Even with more desktop space than some other models, the VIVO adjustable 58x35-inch engineered wood desk is a good fit for lower budgets. Best of all, you’re not sacrificing quality, save for maybe a slightly louder motor and a smaller load capacity of 176lbs. You do get a curved design that fits well in a corner and can be installed for left or right-handed users—at the cost of a slightly more complicated install.

Even though the L-shaped desk is a budget option, you still get perks like active collision detection, four memory presets, and a durable 1-inch desktop. The “L” could be a little longer for extra side space, but it’s just long enough to be functional.

VIVO L-Shaped Standing Desk with two monitors
VIVO L-Shaped Standing Desk
Best Budget Standing Desk
$270 $300 Save $30

VIVO's L-shaped Standing Desk is an ambidextrous workspace with a little extra surface area to work on. The desk features two-tier leg support, functional collision detection, high-powered motor for efficient adjustments.

Best Standing Desk for Cable Management - Secretlab MAGNUS Pro

Secretlab Magnus Pro Cable Management with cords and RGB lighting



Beautiful RGB lighting

Assembled desk is very heavy

Plenty of customization options

Accessories needed for best cable management

Keeps virtually all cables hidden

Gamers and content creators know all too well the pains of cable management. Secretlab is a brand designed specifically for gamers, so it’s no surprise that one of its best desks, the MAGNUS Pro, would offer the best cable management of any standing desk.

The desk itself is a world-class option, with a decent height range of 25.6 to 49.2 inches, a sizable load capacity of 265lbs, a built-in control panel with three custom height presets, and either 59.1 or 70 inches of usable desktop space. Even with all that, the star of the show is its cable management.

The MAGNUS Pro is the first of its kind, with a power supply built right into the steel column. Out of the box, the desk comes with a cable management tray that hides virtually every cord, from monitor power adapters to speaker wires. You’ll be able to sustain a cleaner space without losing access to your more important cables, albeit at the cost of a price tag sure to make the desk unobtainable for many.

With a Secretlab desk, you’re definitely paying for the name and customizability, which, unfortunately, can come with even more costs for cable management add-ons and accessories.

Secretlab Magnus Pro Standing Desk with cable management
Secretlab MAGNUS Pro Desk
Best Standing Desk for Cable Management

The Secretlab MAGNUS Pro standing desk is a premium quality option with some of the best cable management on the market. A heavy-duty frame keeps things stable even when the action in-game gets tense.

Best Standing Desk for Taller People - UPLIFT Standing Desk V2

UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 Lifestyle with iMac and other items



Very accessible for taller users

Anti-collision is too sensitive

355lb load capacity

UPLIFT Desktop App requires Bluetooth adapter

A lot of add-ons and upgrades to choose from

Being on the taller side can make finding a standing desk difficult. Most adjustable desks top out at around 49 inches, which is great if you’re not taller than 6 feet. But to achieve comfortable use at taller heights, you’ll want to look at UPLIFT’s Standing Desk V2.

This simple desktop reaches a height of 50.9 inches, which, according to UPLIFT, is ideal for users who are up to 6 feet 9 inches tall. The three-stage leg design opens the door for a 33-percent greater height range and a quicker adjustment, so if you’re sharing with someone who sits at the 25.3-inch minimum height, you’re not waiting forever to start working.

UPLIFT’s V2 Frame comes in a variety of desktop sizes, including 42, 48, 60, 72, and 80 inches. The steel frame is adjustable to fit each size, so you don’t have to sacrifice the taller height for a larger working space.

You also have access to a maybe overwhelming number of customizable options, such as the desktop material and color or premium add-ons like a more advanced control panel to replace the standard model, a wireless foot switch to adjust the desk, and upgraded casters.

UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 in dark wood
UPLIFT Desk V2 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk
Best Standing Desk for Taller People

The UPLIFT Standing Desk V2 improves the user experience for taller individuals without sacrificing quality at lower heights. Choose from five different desktops and a host of customizations and upgrades to fully personalize your standing desk.

Best Standing Desk for Small Spaces - Branch Duo Standing Desk

Branch Duo Standing Desk decorated



Great for apartments and smaller rooms

The desktop has a cheap feel

Very sturdy with no wobble

Desktop color may have slight variations

Smooth and fast height adjustment

Only two memory presets are available

Not everyone is going to have the space for a 48-inch or longer desktop, and unfortunately, not many brands offer smaller options. Filling the need for a more compact workspace, the Branch Duo features a considerably small standing desk that measures only 36 by 24 inches.

Ideal for smaller rooms or as a starter standing desk for students, the 36-inch desktop is made of a laminated MDF available in several color options. Even the powder-coated steel frame comes in a trio of colors to match your aesthetics.

Despite its size, the Duo Standing Desk still features a small attached OLED control panel and dual motors that quietly raise the desk from 28 to 47.8 inches. You can set two memory presets, making it easier to switch between user profiles.

The smaller desk frame doesn’t mean you can’t customize your standing desk, though. Branch offers desk drawer and cable organizer add-ons for purchase to help clean up your office space and hide unsightly wires.

Branch Duo Standing Desk in grey
Branch Duo Standing Desk
Best Standing Desk for Small Spaces

The Branch Duo Standing Desk caters to smaller spaces, making it perfect for apartments or student dorms. The steel frame offers a durable construction that remains steady at all heights.

Best Standing Desk Converter - Ergo Kangaroo Pro

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro against color background
Ergo Desktop



Can work on virtually any desktop

A little bulky to be portable

Lets you keep your current workspace

Only fits a standard keyboard and mouse

Workspace and monitor adjust independently

No customization options

Do you have a workspace already and don’t want to invest in an adjustable desk? Ergo’s Kangaroo Pro desk converter takes your current workstation and adds the benefits of a standing desk. Complete with a workable surface area of 28 by 24 inches, the Kangaroo Pro also features an adjustable VESA bracket monitor mount and a 17.5 by 16-inch solid steel base plate for stability.

Both the workspace and monitor can be adjusted independently, with the work surface capable of raising to 16.5 inches above your desktop and the monitor stretching up to 36.5 inches. To simplify the height adjustment, the Kangaroo Pro comes with a “stopping bolt,” ensuring you’re working at the same height every time.

It’s not quite as stable or convenient as a standalone adjustable desk, but the Kangaroo Pro is a fine option if you’re not looking to deal with brand-new furniture.

Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro workspace
Ergo Desktop
Ergo Kangaroo Pro
Best Standing Desk Converter

The Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro offers the function of a standing desk with the convenience of a portable desktop. Use your current desktop or countertop as a standing workstation, complete with a tilt and swivel VESA mount and independent height adjustments.


Are standing desks good for you?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), there may be long-term physical and mental benefits to integrating a standing desk into your workflow. These include reduced strain on the neck, back, arms, and wrist, along with improved circulation in the legs. Prolonged sitting has been linked to obesity and associated conditions like high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and more body fat.

However, Harvard Health Blog author Robert H. Shmerling, MD, states that, while switching to a standing desk may be beneficial in the long term, there may be “side effects” if not integrated properly. To prevent pain associated with standing longer than your body is used to, insert gradually increasing periods of standing into your work day.

How tall should a standing desk be for my height?

While there isn’t a universal formula for determining the best standing desk height, a good rule of thumb is to find a desk that’s high enough for your elbow to remain at a 90-degree angle while comfortably working your keyboard and mouse.

What is the difference between a standing desk and a standing desk converter?

A standing desk is a standalone unit with a motorized lift that adjusts the height of the entire desktop. A standing desk converter is a smaller unit that sits atop a desktop and features its own adjustable workspace. Converters can be portable and can be found in electronically, pneumatically, or manually powered models.