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The PalmPilot was one of the most influential mobile devices of the 1990s, and helped establish Palm as a dominant player in the tech industry. Now you can use hundreds of apps and games made for it in your web browser.

The Internet Archive has soft-launched an online library of software created for the PalmPilot, which was a PDA released in 1997 that became a smash hit. The online collection includes over 500 games and applications, accessible on any desktop or mobile browser. For the most authentic experience possible, you can try it in a mobile browser.

Jason Scott, an archivist and historian, told The Verge that the online emulator is powered by an embedded version of CloudpilotEmu, an existing PalmOS emulator. He said many of the applications don't have metadata yet, but everything is functional -- minus features like IR that can't be fully emulated on a modern device.

Tetris clone in emulator
Tetris clone running on a desktop browser

Many of the applications are simple utilities, like a tool for calculating prices for package deliveries or a tip calculator. However, there are a few more advanced apps, like a VNC client. The collection of games includes Checkers, Chess, Solitaire, many Tetris clones, a Frogger clone, and much more.

The Internet Archive has been working to add more classic software and games to its online collection, including MS-DOS games and arcade games, and it's great to see some classic Palm software added to the list. As always, the Internet Archive is accepting donations to keep everything running.

Source: The Verge