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video game blow 1
If Only We Could Blow on Gadgets to Fix Them

Why we still like to blow on video game cartridges or other devices, even if it's not helping.

Computer code in the shape of a skull on a screen 1
The 10 Worst Computer Viruses in History

Viruses, worms, and ransomware, oh my.

Windows key on vintage Windows keyboard 1
22 Classic Windows Games You Can Play Right Now

Anyone up for a game of 3D Pinball Space Cadet? How about Chip's Challenge?

A DVD compact disc isolated on a black background. 1
What Ever Happened to HD-DVD?

"I coulda been a contender."

A Gallery of Benj Edwards Articles in Picture Frames on a Wooden Wall 1
A Farewell Tour of Benj's Best HTG Computer History Articles

Departing writer Benj Edwards takes a look back at his favorite and most popular How-To Geek features.

A computer user illustration 1
Where Did the Term "Computer User" Come From?

It has nothing to do with drugs or addiction, its the origins might surprise you.

Atari, Inc. vintage logo with colors in the fuji symbol 1
Why Was Atari Called Atari?

Explore the board game secrets behind the famous brand name, with memories from Bushnell and Dabney themselves.

A pixelated blue background with a red question mark in front of it. 1
What Is a Pixel?

The world's most popular square isn't really a square.

The TRS-80 Model I computer on a 1970s-colored background 1
Radio Shack's First PC: 45 Years of TRS-80

Whatever you do, don't call it "trash."

A Commodore 64 home computer on a blue background 1
The Best-Selling PC of All Time: Commodore 64 Turns 40

What was so great about the C64 that made it sell 12.5 million units? Let's take a look.

3D Pinball for Windows on Windows 11 1
You Can Now Play 3D Pinball From Windows on Nearly Anything

The classic Windows game has been ported to Android, 64-bit Windows, Mac, and even game consoles.

People using Wi-Fi 1
A World Without Wires: 25 Years of Wi-Fi

Imagine if all our smartphones had to be plugged in to connect to the internet. Thankfully, there's Wi-Fi.

Photo of Nolan Bushnell in front of an Atari logo 1
"Atari Was Very, Very Hard" Nolan Bushnell on Atari, 50 Years Later

The father of the video game industry talks triumphs, mistakes, and Sunday tea with Steve Jobs.

A man using an Apple II in a kitchen, 1970s, from a vintage Apple II advertisement. 1
45 Years Later, The Apple II Still Has Lessons to Teach Us

Insight from legends Steve Wozniak, Tim Sweeney, and John Romero on what the Apple II did better than modern PCs.

Steve Wozniak holding a six-colored apple on a blue background in 2014 1
Steve Wozniak Talks Apple II on Its 45th Anniversary

Woz talks the famous computer sequel.

Linux Penguin Mascot Tux up close 1
Why Is the Linux Mascot a Penguin?

We asked Linus Torvalds, and here's what he said.

A Mac keyboard's  1
What's the Difference Between the "Enter" and "Return" Keys?

A tale of two keys---so similar and yet so different.

Windows Phone and Android 12. 1
5 Ways Windows Phone Was Ahead of Its Time

Windows Phone had some good ideas.

A Red Wolf ANSI Art Example 1
What Is ANSI Art, and Why Was It Popular in the 1990s?

It's amazing what you can do with 16 colors and 256 characters.

A broken link illustration on a blue background 1
What is Link Rot, and How Does It Threaten the Web?

We're losing valuable history by the minute.

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