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After months of rumors and speculation, the refreshed 2024 Tesla Model 3 just debuted in Europe. Codenamed "Project Highland," the new Model 3 has a sporty and more aerodynamic front end, new taillights, a longer range, and countless meaningful interior upgrades.

First things first, the new Model 3 will be available starting this October in Europe and China, but Tesla has yet to make a formal announcement for the United States and other regions. It's nearly impossible to talk pricing when it comes to Tesla, but initially, it looks like the price tag is a hair higher than the previous Model 3.

Tesla says that over 50% of the parts inside the new Model 3 are new or replaced, but remember that this is still a mid-cycle refresh and not an all-new design. So, while some aspects certainly look the same, plenty is new, improved, or redesigned to deliver a better driving experience and quieter cabin. So, what's new?

What we're seeing here is the new "Ultra Red" color option, which may be limited to the European market. You'll instantly notice a facelift, which Tesla says is sportier and sleek, and delivers a drag coefficient improvement of 8%, which improves range. The fog lights are gone in favor of stylish new headlights, and the taillights are better, too. They're not a split design, which should reduce problems with moisture getting inside.

As for range estimates, we expect an increase of around 12%, giving the standard range rear-wheel model 344 miles per charge or 421 for LR models. Tesla revamped the materials on the interior to feel more premium, but it's what you won't hear that's important. I'm talking about a 30% decrease in wind and ambient noise thanks to improved dampening. Tesla also added acoustic glass to the rear windows, which helps decrease road noise by nearly 20%. Basically, it'll be a smooth, stylish, and quiet ride.

Other changes include LED mood lighting throughout the cabin that almost makes it look like a spaceship inside. There's also a new steering wheel (with no stalk,) a redesigned center console, and a rear passenger display that now comes standard on the Model 3 gives passengers a bunch of controls. Project Highland is also rocking new suspension with better springs, front seat ventilation, and more.

Again, this isn't the biggest refresh we've seen, but with stiff competition coming from all sides, Tesla just delivered meaningful upgrades to one of its best vehicles.

Source: Tesla