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Mercedes-Benz announced big plans to build a worldwide charging network for electric vehicles earlier this year, and things are finally getting started. This week, the luxury automaker confirmed its first fast-charging station will open in the United States in October, followed by several more in the coming months.

Official Mercedes-Benz branded EV charging stations will first appear sometime in October for owners in Atlanta, Georgia. Then, the company aims for a similar timeframe in select locations throughout China and Germany. These fast-charging hubs will be the first of many.

In its announcement, Mercedes confirmed the charging stations will offer super-fast 400kW charging speeds, which is faster than most vehicles currently on the road can handle. That said, the higher maximum charging rate makes these charging stations a bit future-proof, which makes sense with the rapid advancement in electric vehicles as of late. Each Mercedes charging station will offer charging plug types for that specific region, including the CCS1 Combo for the United States, Tesla's plug and the NACS, CCS 2 for Europe, and GB/T in China.

While these EV charging stations will prioritize Mercedes-Benz owners who can easily reserve a spot from the infotainment system or companion mobile app, the stations will be open to all electric vehicles. CEO Franz Reiner said: "Our goal is to create an infrastructure that offers electric vehicles reliable and easy charging options. In this way, we are actively supporting the transformation to electric mobility with the Mercedes-Benz High-Power Charging Network; we are expanding global charging options and setting new standards in electric vehicle charging. We want to encourage our customers to switch to zero-emission vehicles and thus make a positive contribution to protecting our environment."

Interestingly enough, only a few automakers are actively looking to build their own charging networks and take on Tesla, and Mercedes is one of them. The company is reportedly planning over 2,000 hubs or stations that'll offer nearly 10,000 chargers around the globe. Those are some bold ambitions, but considering the charging network situation is one of the biggest drawbacks of EV ownership, the more the better.

Source: Mercedes-Benz via The Verge