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Most owners love their Tesla's beautiful yet minimalistic design inside and out, but a great way to improve comfort and usability is to grab a few of these must-have accessories. Whether you have a brand-spankin' new Model Y or an aging Model S, these Tesla upgrades can improve your daily commute, keep the infotainment screen looking new, and help things stay organized.

While it's easy to upgrade an older vehicle and make it feel fresh, it's not quite as easy on newer vehicles. Plus, most Teslas come from the factory with all the bells and whistles. That said, eventually, it'll start to look a little dated, depending on how you treat it. Thankfully, Tesla and many other accessory makers offer a wide assortment of options to improve the interior, prevent daily wear and tear, or keep it looking new for as long as possible.

1. Center Console Organizer

The first accessory you should buy for your Tesla is a center console organizer tray. These are specifically designed for each vehicle, fit like a glove, add another layer of space, and will help you keep everything organized. There's nothing worse than digging around in a deep and unorganized center console looking for a pair of sunglasses, a Starbucks gift card, or a quarter to use a gas station vacuum. I buy one for every car I own, giving me a perfect spot for my wallet, AirPods, sunglasses, charging cables, and more.

While several accessory manufacturers make this type of product, the Spigen Model 3/Y center console organizer has a rugged yet smooth-sliding design, individual cubbies for organization, along with rubberized feet and silicone padding so that contents won't slide around nor will it scratch your Tesla's interior. Spigen has three different styles, including a hidden storage tray under the armrest.

Additionally, you can get a second-row center console organizer, which gives rear passengers an additional area for storing drinks, Hydro flasks, and books, or it can even double as a garbage bin for road trips. Get one today and keep things clean.

Spigen Center Console Organizer for Tesla
$25 $31 Save $6

Keep your Tesla center console organized, neat, and clean with Spigen's easy-glide organizer tray. Use the customizable dividers to make a spot for your wallet, keys, Airpods, and more. 

2. Infotainment Screen Protector

Door handle, steering wheel, infotainment display, wireless chargers, and storage inside the Tesla Model 3
Justin Duino / How-To Geek

One aspect of your Tesla you'll interact with the most is the infotainment screen, as it's the hub of the entire vehicle. Similar to how most people instantly run out and get a screen protector for a smartphone, you can add equal protection for that massive screen inside any Tesla. More importantly, you can get durable tempered glass screen protectors that are scratch resistant and topped with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprint smudges. Alternatively, several brands offer anti-glare screen protectors to block out the sun.

If you want that big 15-inch screen in your Model 3 or Model Y to stay scratch free, get one today. They're also available for those with a Tesla Model S/X.

Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 10.17.26 AM
SUMK Tesla Model 3/Y Screen Protector
$22 $25 Save $3

The 15-inch infotainment display in your Tesla Model 3/Y will get a lot of use, which is why I recommend this tempered glass screen protector to keep it clean of fingerprints, easier to see in direct sunlight and scratch-free. 

3. All-Weather Floor Mats

One of the first accessories I get for every vehicle I own is a set of high-quality all-weather floor mats. Anyone with a Tesla understands how quickly the floor mats can get covered in dirt, mud, and crumbs, then start to flatten or discolor from shoe prints, making the interior show signs of aging prematurely.

WeatherTech is one of the best options for floor mats. They are laser-measured for a precise fit, durable, not to mention heat, stain, and water-resistant. More importantly, WeatherTech mats conform to the shape of the floor lining and have raised edges to catch any spills, even if that's a 44oz fountain drink. They're available in multiple colors for almost every year and Tesla model. You can choose from a front or rear package, although getting both sets at once will be more cost-effective.

Grab some Tesla WeatherTech floor mats today for your Model 3, Model S, Model X, or Model Y. Select options are available on Amazon.

WeatherTech floor mat for Tesla.
WeatherTech Floor Mats for Tesla

If you hate how fast the stock floor mats get dirty in your fancy new Tesla, consider upgrading to durable all-weather floor mats from WeatherTech. They're spill-resistant and laser-measured for the perfect fit. 

4. Tesla Jack Stand Pads

Electric vehicles require less maintenance than regular internal combustion vehicles (ICE). However, you'll still use a car jack on occasion to put on a spare tire, change the brake pads, or lubricate the calipers. And while you'll always want to properly jack up your Tesla from the correct lift areas, using a set of Jack Stand Pads (or pucks) is highly recommended. Not only will Tesla jack stand pads offer more stabilization, but they'll help prevent the jack from slipping and hitting those expensive battery packs.

Hitting your Tesla battery with a floor jack could prove very costly, if not dangerous, which is why a set of affordable lifting pads can give you a little peace of mind. Get this 4-pack of Tesla jack pads that are affordable, work with all models, and even come with a handy carry case.

Chirano Tesla Jack Pad Pucks
Chirano Tesla Lifting Jack Pads
$23 $26 Save $3

Jack up your Tesla like a professional with these lifting jack pads (pucks) for added safety and stability. 

5. JL Audio Stealthbox

If you're looking for a way to improve the audio experience inside your Tesla, we have you covered. I don't blame you for not wanting to rip open the door panels and replace some speakers, which is why the JL Audio Stealthbox is one of the best options. Sure, they're expensive and start at $999, but you'll finally have audio that can match the performance of the electric engines.

As you can see in the image above, JL Audio, a premium audio manufacturer, has designed a 10-inch subwoofer that hides safely under the trunk lid deck and looks like it came right from the factory. Don't put an unsightly subwoofer box in the trunk that wastes space when you can use this elegant option instead. Each Steathbox is made from 100% fiberglass and houses a premium 10-inch sub in a custom-formed, sealed enclosure. You will have to modify the factory carpet, but the result is worth it.

Get a JL Audio Stealthbox sub today for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

JL Audio Stealthbox for Tesla Model 3
JL Audio Stealthbox for Tesla Model 3

Elevate the audio experience in your Tesla with a sleek, OEM-looking JL Audio Stealthbox subwoofer. It mounts underneath the trunk rear deck saving you precious cargo space while delivering booming sound. 

Take Care of Your Tesla

Whether brand new or simply new to you, these are some of the best accessories to keep any Tesla nice and prevent early wear and tear from life's daily commutes. Find the accessory you want, and make sure to select the right vehicle model and year.

You'll still want to keep up on tire rotations, change the cabin air filter frequently, and consider getting other excellent Tesla accessories like this rooftop sunshade or some rear tire mud flaps. The options are endless.