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Front trunk open on a Tesla Model 3. 1
EVs Aren't Maintenance Free, Don't Skip These Steps

Five EV maintenance steps you don't want to skip.

Tesla Model 3 steering wheel and display.  1
Tesla App Update Lets Siri Control Your Car

Apple's Siri shortcuts can easily unlock doors and more.

Cadillac Celestiq EV parked in front of a sunset.  1
Why EVs Have Such Stupid Names

From the Toyota bZ4X to the Cadillac Celestiq—who comes up with these awful EV names?

Two different EVs using Tesla's new universal home charger. 1
Tesla’s New Universal Home Charger Works With Any EV

This Level 2 AC charger doesn't care which electric car you drive.

Rivian's R1T electric truck is parked off-road by a lake in the mountains.  1
Don’t Pay More Than You Need to for Your EV

Electric cars can be fast and fun, but do you really need all that power?

Fastest Tesla Model S Plaid 1
Tesla Debuts More Affordable Model S and X With Shorter Ranges

The new “Standard Range” Model S and X cost $10k less with software-locked battery packs.

all-electric Ford Explorer driving on a road in the mountains.  1
Ford Explorer EV Delayed Until Next Summer

You'll have to wait a little longer to get Ford's first electric SUV.

Showing Rivian R1T's 15-inch screen with 230 miles of range. 1
Here’s How Heat Affects Your Electric Car (And What to Do About It)

The scorching hot summer temps can lower your EV range.

The Cadillac Escalade IQ EV on wet pavement. 1
Cadillac Reveals the All-Electric Escalade IQ with 450 Miles of Range

Forget the old V8 engine, we don't need it.

Rivian R1T plugged into a ChargePoint CCS charger.  1
ChargePoint Reveals New Plan to Boost EV Charger Reliability

The goal is "nearly 100 percent" uptime for all its EV chargers.

The Chevy Bolt EV Isn't Dead After All

The Chevy Bolt is dead, long live the Chevy Bolt.

Tesla logo badge on a Tesla Model 3 wheel 1
Your Favorite EV Might Not Qualify For a Tax Credit Anymore

Your choices are slimming even further.

Tesla logo badge on a Tesla Model 3 wheel 1
Tesla Track Mode: What It Is And How It Works

Own a Tesla Performance model? Turn it into a racecar with Track Mode.

Door handle, steering wheel, infotainment display, wireless chargers, and storage inside the Tesla Model 3 1
What Is Tesla Dog Mode, and How Does It Work?

Want to bring your furry friend on that errand run but worried about the heat? Tesla's dog mode could help.

Photo of the General Motors EV-1 1
How General Motors' First Electric Car Failed

The EV1 was a real electric car on the roads in 1996. So where did it go?

Tesla car plugged into a charging station and with falcon wing doors open. 1
EV Charging. 1
GM Is Installing 40,000 EV Chargers Across the USA and Canada

You might notice a few more charging stations around you soon.

Render of new ID.3 1
The New Volkswagen ID.3 Doesn't Have Enough Buttons

Touch screens are not the answer for everything.

Mercedes charging subscription fee for speed 1
Mercedes Wants You to Pay a Subscription for Full Speed

One wonders if the car suddenly gets slower again if your credit card doesn't go through.

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