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Arol is a tech journalist and news/feature writer at How-To Geek. He also writes at sister sites MakeUseOf and Android Police. Currently a Pharmacy student at the Central University of Venezuela, Arol has had a soft spot for everything tech-related since he was a child. When not writing, you'll either find him nose-deep into his textbooks or playing video games.

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The Dashlane Password Manager Is Getting Worse

Free accounts are now far more restricted.

AMD Threadripper Hero 1
AMD's New Threadripper CPUs Have Up to 96 Cores

Ever found yourself needing 192 CPU threads?

Netflix logo 1
Netflix Prices Are Going Up Again

Get me off this wild ride.

230720_ONE_PLUS_OxygenOS_POV_0097_R3+UI copy 1
This Is the OnePlus Open, the First Folding Phone From OnePlus

It's called Open because, well, it opens up.

Alienware m18_06 copy 1
Alienware’s New Gaming Laptop Has a Huge 18-Inch Screen

You can buy it with NVIDIA or AMD graphics.

RISC-V logo 1
Qualcomm is Making a RISC-V Chip for Smartwatches

The new architecture is coming to smartwatches.

Netflix logo 1
Netflix is Dropping Support For Some Older Devices

Everything from older TVs to older game consoles.

Best Buy Will Stop Selling DVDs and Blu-Rays

Everything is digital now.

Fingerprint smudges on the Google Pixel 8 Pro camera bump 1
Google's Pixel 8 Has Some Camera Issues

It's still a great phone, but Google has a few issues to work out.

Netflix logo 1
Get Ready for Real-Life Netflix Stores

Less Blockbuster, more theme park.

Acer 3D Monitor Hero 1
This New Acer Monitor Has Glasses-Free 3D

It's mostly for SFX artists, but it's really cool nonetheless.

Google logo 1
Disney+ logo 1
Movies Removed From Disney+ Have Returned, With a Catch

Not all the movies are back, though, or any of the TV shows.

Logitech Wave Keys 1
Intel ARC GPU. 1
Intel's Arc A580 Gives You 1080p Gaming For Just $180

A cheap GPU for a cheap PC, but there are probably better options.

System76 Thelio Spark Hero 1
System76 Has New Linux Desktop PCs for You

Including the brand-new Thelio Spark.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen1 1
Qualcomm Has New ARM Laptop Chips on the Way

No more Snapdragon 8cx.

Logitech Star Wars Hero 1
Logitech Has a New Star Wars-Themed Mouse and Mousepad

Click and scroll with the power of the Force.

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