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Craft Beer

This page is dedicated to all things related to local craft beer.  There are over 50 breweries in San Diego county–which is more than virtually every country on the planet.  Most of them are members of a very cool group called the San Diego Brewer’s Guild.  In San Diego, we benefit from very talented people brewing beer and equally talented people making it easy to find.  Of course, perhaps the easiest place to find great local beer (outside the breweries themselves) is to head down to 30th Street in North Park

A couple favorite brewers at the moment include

Societe Brewing on Clairemont Mesa Blvd

Coronado Brewing Company on Orange Ave (in Coronado)

Stone Brewing Company on Citracada Parkway (in Escondido)

Hess Brewing on Dowdy in Mira Mesa

and a few great sources to find and support local beer are

Taphunter – for finding your favorites from your phone

WestCoaster – for reading about events and news

San Diego Beer Blog – for beer reviews and more

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