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There are plenty of password managers out there, but you've probably heard of Dashlane at least a few times, especially since advertisements for the service are pretty common. We gave the service a high score in our Dashlane password manager review, thanks to its simple design and autofill options. However, Dashlane has now become much worse if you are a free user.

The free version of Dashlane was a little barebones, but at least it had everything you could possibly need from a password manager. You could save unlimited passwords and use them to your liking, with really the only major limitation being that you were capped to one device only, making it a bit inconvenient for some people. Now, Dashlane's free version is becoming even worse. Dashlane is removing the ability to add unlimited account passwords, and now, you can only save up to 25 passwords.

Those with more than 25 password saved to their account aren't going to have their passwords erased, but they won't be able to add any new ones. Perhaps more jarring, however, is the fact that free users are losing access to chat and email support, which cuts heavily into your ability to get help in the event of an issue. Those are bizarre moves for a password manager, and they make the free version almost unusable, since most people have more than 25 passwords across all their online accounts and web activity.

These changes are not sitting well with users, and if you're looking for a replacement, Proton (the company behind Proton VPN and Proton Mail) is launching promotion that's also a jab at Dashlane. The company's recently launched password manager is running a promotion where you can claim 12 months of free Proton Pass Plus to see how well you'd like the platform's paid tier, which is usually just $3.99 a month. Even if you end up not paying, the free version also has unlimited logins, so it might be a good replacement anyway.

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Source: PCMag